Which Countries Offer Visa Exemption?

Are you an American nomadic and web-based entrepreneur? Do you make a living off your laptop or have an otherwise mobile and international lifestyle? Or are you aspiring to take that leap soon?

You are probably quite familiar with all of the unique joys and hassles of being a nomadic entrepreneur – particularly constantly worrying about visas and having spare passport photos on hand.

When it comes down to it, certain countries and territories are simply significantly easier to deal with in terms of the visa shuffle. I’ve noticed that these countries are very often also free democratic societies with open access to the internet – an absolute must for a nomadic internet entrepreneur.

I’ve studied, worked, and done business in a range of places internationally, mostly concentrated in Asia Pacific. here are some places where I have set deep roots:

New York, Philadelphia, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore


In 2013 and 2014 I plan to add these destinations to this list:

Taipei, Medellin, San Francisco

I thought I’d mark the end of 2012 with some of the worldwide spots where US citizens are allowed to live for 90+ days, visa free, with our US passports.

I am only including the places where we at Career Hack would consider living – there are certainly more options available than the ones listed here.


Country Duration of Stay
South Africa 90 Days


Country Duration of Stay
Canada 180 Days
Mexico 180 Days


Hong Kong
Country Duration of Stay
Hong Kong 90 Days
Japan 90 Days
Malaysia 90 Days
Mongolia 90 Days
Singapore 90 Days
South Korea 90 Days
Taiwan 90 Days


Country Duration of Stay
Anguilla 90 Days
Aruba 90 Days
Bahamas 240 Days
Barbados 180 Days
Dominica 180 Days
Saint Barthélemy 180 Days
St. Kitts and Nevis 90 Days
Costa Rica


Country Duration of Stay
Costa Rica 90 Days
Guatemala 90 Days


(Schengen Area)

[90 days in a 180 day period in the Schengen Area as a whole.]

Country Duration of Stay
Monaco 90 Days
France 90 Days
Switzerland 90 Days
Croatia 90 Days
Denmark 90 Days
Sweden 90 Days
Finland 90 Days
Estonia 90 Days
Netherlands 90 Days
Spain 90 Days
United Kingdom 180 Days


Country Duration of Stay
New Zealand 90 Days
New Caledonia 90 Days
French Polynesia 90 Days



Country Duration of Stay
Argentina 90 Days
Colombia 90 Days
Country Duration of Stay
Ecuador 90 Days
Peru 90 – 183 Days
Uruguay 90 Days

Based on our own experiences and the experiences of other nomadic entrepreneurs, we’ve

narrowed down a list of finalist “best” spots based on the choices in this specific list. Criteria include quality of life, business opportunities, internet quality, nightlife, food, and dating. We have to admit that our criteria is heavily biased towards the male/single demographic.

We’d like to specify at this time, again, that this list is exclusive to destinations where US passport holders get a 90-day-stamp upon entry. We acknowledge that places like Bali, Thailand, Philippines, and Brazil would otherwise qualify for this list.

In addition to this, we acknowledge that there are more destinations with a 90+ day visa-free stamp available. We want to point out that the list we created is highly subjective and based on our own quirky standards.

In no particular order….

1. Hong Kong

2. Singapore

3. Taipei

4. Medellin

5. Seoul

6. Tokyo

7. Paris

8. Stockholm

9. Buenos Aires

10. Montreal / Vancouver

We’d love to hear your comments on your experiences living in these destinations.