Teach in Thailand


Introduction You have just graduated and now find yourself wondering what to do with your life. They say that graduating with a degree allows you to work in the chosen field you studied and opens plenty of doors. While this is true for some, many find that their degree is not enough to make it…

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Teach in Korea


Introduction Dear Graduate, Congratulations on your diploma! We are writing to inform you that your first loan payment, of $666.66, is due Friday, May 13th. If you are unable to pay us, you could go into default – or you could consider giving us one of your kidneys, a firstborn child, or perhaps your immortal…

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Teach in Vietnam


Introduction I was dodging motorbikes, flying over potholes and racing towards the other side of the sidewalk. A real life frogger game. As I walked around the busy city I was struck with a sense of wonderment. Three months ago this was merely an idea in my head. As I looked around I couldn’t help…

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Teach in Japan


Introduction Japan is one of the most gorgeous countries on the planet, full to the brim with interesting culture, friendly people, and jaw-dropping food. It’s also home to a high demand for English language teachers, making it an excellent place to spend a few years after college. This is particularly true if you’ve got student…

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Teach in Costa Rica


Introduction College graduation is a momentous time in the life of a young adult in the United States. Crossing the stage and receiving a diploma signify stepping out in to the world as an independent, valuable member of society equipped with all the skills and knowledge required to lead a successful life in a chosen…

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eCommerce 101: How to Build an Online Store in 4 Steps


eCommerce is steadily rising in popularity. We’ve written an extensive guide for beginners showing how to choose a product, build an online store and start making money online. 1. Build Your Website There are a number of great eCommerce platforms you can use to build your online store. WordPress + Plugins WordPress is a content…

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How to Become Future Proof

Michael Jordan Jumping

We live in a time of unprecedented and rapid change. This is happening everywhere: the climate, the economy, technological advancement, population growth – everywhere you look, trends seem to be accelerating at breakneck speed toward miracle breakthroughs or horrifying quagmires. Most of the global population coasts through life with a general sense that they are…

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Building a Remote Freelance Team to Double Your Productivity

How to Hire Remote Freelancers to Double Productivity

Building a business is all about teamwork. Sometimes we are working with a permanent team, and sometimes we are working with temporary teammates: freelancers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but freelancers pose special challenges in terms of communication and management. That is especially true for software developers, and even more so when the manager…

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How to Learn Mandarin Without Going Crazy


Calling Mandarin Chinese a difficult language would be an understatement.  So why learn it?  For starters, Guinness has named it the “most common language” and is ranked at the top of world rankings for “most spoken languages” by number of native speakers. It’s also not as hard as you might think. Chinese is a fairly…

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Interview with Scott Adams, Creator of “Dilbert”

Scott Adams Interview

Scott Adams is the creator of the comic strip Dilbert and also the author of the book, How to fail at almost everything and still win big. Welcome, Scott Adams! Thanks for having me. The first topic we want to talk about is the idea of goals versus systems. Could you briefly tell us  why…

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