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Below is a selection of some of our favorite and most well-received articles on the site. We highly recommend reading these first as they will give you a clear idea of what Career Hack is about, as well as providing you with some immediate action items for changing your professional life.

  1. How Omate Raised $1 Million on Kickstarter
  2. Bootstrapping Your Startup in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  3. How to Motivate Yourself and Overcome Fear
  4. 7 (Realistic) Steps to Make $100 Online Today
  5. The Career Hacker’s Guide to Networking
  6. The Beginners Guide to Learning to Code
  7. Career Hacking the Swire Group
  8. How to Live and Work in China
  9. Resume Hacks and Strategies
  10. The Essential Guide to Studying Abroad

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