How to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Economy


The name of the game in the current economic climate is adaptability and focus. The sheer quantity of resources available over the Internet make knowledge and practical skills easy to acquire. It is more possible now than ever to completely reinvent yourself in the space of a couple of years. The potential for self-education is…

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Startup Careers in Singapore


Although Singapore is well known, it is often misunderstood – particularly by geographically challenged Americans. Many do not realize it is an independent city state and often incorrectly assume that it must be a province of China. Singapore boasts a highly productive and well educated populace, low taxes, very low corruption, and transparency. It is…

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Why Americans Should Live Abroad


The decision to move isn’t an easy one to make. Leaving family and friends is difficult, and switching jobs or industries is especially intimidating. Fortunately, change also brings adventure, self-improvement, and an exposure to sights, sounds and experiences you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. Leaving your home country altogether is especially difficult, and phenomena like culture…

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How to Capitalize on Outbound Chinese Tourism and Investment


While for many China remains a distant and alien land, nonetheless its presence has been increasingly felt ever since the tumult of the Mao-era came to a close and Deng Xiaoping ushered in an period of reform and opening up that has proceeded unevenly ever since. Of course this would inevitably come to be about…

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Guide to Living and Working in Africa


South Africa is a country full of opportunity. Vast and incredibly diverse, the country is undoubtedly still scarred by the legacy of apartheid, and social mobility is still highly restricted. The 2013 World Bank Doing Business Report indicates little progress in the ease of starting a business in South Africa over the past year –…

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5 Industries that China Expats Should Break Into


“You’re going to China? How brave of you! But aren’t you going to miss all the comforts of home?” For anyone to have made the so-called brave and daring decision to live in Asia, this may sound like an all-too-familiar refrain. There’s no doubt that Asia is a different world from the States, but the…

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Hustler’s Guide to Escaping Unemployment


If you graduated with a degree in Criminology, Sociology, or Art History – otherwise known as ‘Bachelors in Useless to Employers’ – from “No Name State University” with a GPA of 2.5 and $30,000+ of student loan debt, chances are you are facing a daunting and seemingly impenetrable job market. If you’re in your early twenties and…

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How to Run a TEDx Event


Being one of the two main coordinators for TEDxWarwick over the past year has been a phenomenal experience. A bewildering mixture of frustration, inspiration, hard work, collaboration, meetings, exhaustion, excitement and, above all, belief. I have had the good fortune to be working with an extremely capable team, without whom the conference would quite simply…

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How to Get a Job Teaching in China


While searching for teaching jobs in China, you might have certain expectations – perhaps a classroom full of adorable young students, eagerly ready to learn their ABC’s and some simple English sentences and songs, mornings of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, snack time and naptime. And for many, this is the “teaching abroad” experience – obtaining a…

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Young and Unemployed? Don’t Worry


A recently published report  from job market analytics firm Burning Glass arrives at a surprising conclusion: if you’re out of a job, chances are it’s your fault. Naturally, this prompts immediate outbursts. ‘But the economy!’ they cry, ‘my skills aren’t in demand!’ ‘my degree is worthless!’ ‘I can’t keep up!’. Not exactly. What the report…

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