Generation Y has nothing to lose.

This does NOT mean we are a lost generation.

It means that what we thought were going to inherit has vanished before our eyes and put a gigantic burden upon our shoulders.

We indeed inherit something. A gigantic debt burden, a broken economy, job insecurity, wars, eroding civil liberties, a ruined national reputation, and a bleak outlook.

Thanks, Boomers.

The fact that we have nothing to lose is a double edged sword.

International Suit

It will either turn us into victims or become our rallying cry to do the audacious and impossible.

Look at social unrest in Europe to understand this point.

Part of this problem is due to the fact that the establishment has irresponsibly driven their institutions and economies into the ground.

The other part of this problem is due to the fact that young people feel like society and the government owe them something.

YES – we inherited a crisis.

YES – the boomers were wildly irresponsible and handed us all of these disasters.

YES – to add insult to injury they call us lazy, narcissistic, entitled, and a lost cause.

They are correct about all of those things.


We are NOT a lost cause.

We are burdened with all of the problems we inherited from their generations. However, WE WILL BE THE GENERATION TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS.

These problems exist in the world because the institutions that exist today do not address these problems. In fact, the mismanagement of institutions that exist today CAUSED most of these problems.

Where there exist massive problems exist massive opportunities.

No brilliant world-changing venture came into existence because everything was all sunshine, cupcakes, and rainbows. Necessity is the mother of invention.

The major game changers address massive pain and inefficiency, solve these problems, and relentlessly push mankind forward.

We are called the LOST GENERATION

This label is PATENTLY FALSE.


You can only take the wildest calculated risks when you have nothing to lose.

There has never been a worse time to get a job. Thus, you don’t have a dream job to lose in pursuit of a wildly audacious startup.

There has also never been an easier time to launch a business.

You will never have less risk to launch a business than you do right now.

Stop Occupying Wall Street.

Yes, your cause is noble in principle. Nobody is taking that away from you. But it’s not going to cause any serious change.

Do you really want to “Occupy Wall Street”?

Occupy Wall Street

Disrupt their businesses with massive game changing ventures that make them irrelevant and drive their business models into the ground.

Want to make them come to you with cap in hand?

Clone their business models in emerging markets around the world and wait for them to chase you with acquisition offers. Build your internet business empire from your laptop.

Want to make them panic, sweat, and pay with their tears?

Drive them into obsolescence with a mobile app that destroys their ability to dominate and control old vanguard institutions and models. Like, for example, creating a mobile app that allows you to boycott Monsanto and Koch Brothers products.

Want to stick it to greedy bankers and “Fat Cat” capitalists?

Fight fire with fire. Disrupt the finance industry with your bitcoin and peer-to-peer lending projects to remove them as middle men.

The establishment of elites do not fear protesters in Zucotti Park.

They fear the massive groundswell that is occurring as our unstoppable generation of young, energetic, and dynamic innovators utilizes our native tech prowess to disrupt, destroy, and dominate the influential institutions to which they currently desperately cling.

Murdoch vs. Zuckerberg. You need look no further than the MySpace acquisition versus eventual Facebook domination to understand this principle in action. Rupert Murdoch acquired MySpace to gain a competitive advantage in the social media space. Facebook, run by a pioneer of our generation, proceeded to promptly destroy MySpace.

Mark Zuckerberg

If you chant and whine in front of banks in drum circles, you will face ridicule and pepper spray.

If you steal their clientele with your game changing disruptive products, you will make them sweat, beg, sob, and eventually slide into irreversible mediocrity and irrelevance.

Learn to create instead of consume.

Ask for nothing and expect nothing.

Reorient yourself as a producer and serve others to serve yourself.

Create world-changing ventures that swallow whole the greedy, corrupt, and arrogant establishment.

Build your legacy to this world that will push us forward as a civilization.

Generation Y, this is your Entrepreneurial Call to Arms.

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